Though plenty of biographies of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) have been written, there was a need to compile something that could specifically address the co-countrymen. Allah has bestowed the favour on you. I wish it fulfills the objective with which it has been written and the non-Muslim brethren benefit from this in due measure.Moulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him; enlightened the society by spreading the peace and removed ignorance, hatred, evils and cruelty. The book ‘Follow Me, God Will Love You,’ authored by Mr. Mohsin, should be read by people of all faiths, without prejudiced mind and free from communal biased. Dr. Sri Sri Sri. Shiv Kumara Swamiji,

"Follow Me, God Will Love You," is a unique work on the life of Prophet Muhammad. With a heart full of love for the prophet, Mr. Mohsin analyzes every issue in the manner of a meticulous researcher and sheds light on different aspects of the Prophet's life. Those who read this book with their heart and mind cannot help but ...Dr. U.R. Ananth Murthy

This Book 'Follow me, God Will Love You,' is a comprehensive study of the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), whom Michael H. Hart has placed the first among the hundred best of the history, this study has done yeoman service in removing the cobwebs that have shrouded around Islam by sketching at full length the life of ...
Prof. B. Sheik Ali

'Follow Me, God Will Love You,' introduces Prophet Muhammad as a guide for all walks of life; Prophet's teachings serve as a beacon of light for the entire humanity. I have gone through this book with profound interest and would advise every Indian to go through it in order to understand the teachings of a personality as lofty as Prophet Muhammad.Dr. Chandrashekar Kambar

The book 'Follow Me, God Will Love you' written by Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin emphasis on introducing the Prophet in a society cherishing plural ethos. He has highlighted those strands of Prophet's life that reflect his concern and commitment to promotion of human values. As I have observed and understood his mission.Moulana Mohammad Rabey Hasani Nadwi

I have studied the holy Quran; all those teachings of the Holy Quran could be seen in action in the life of the Prophet Muhammad. It also explains the understanding of Islam as the Prophet was the mobile embodiment of the religion he preached. 'Follow Me, God Will Love You,' is highly recommended for reading.Centenarian Prof. G. Venkata Subbaiah

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