Syed Hamid Mohsin
is a Managing Director of an leading advertising company in Bangalore.

He founded the Salaam Centre in 2008; he has been actively engaged in promotion of interfaith dialogue and communal harmony through dissemination of the positive understanding of Islam. He has pioneered use of multimedia and modern communication methodology in conveying the message of the Quran to the masses.

Now in his first book written for a wide audience, both non-Muslims and Muslims, Mohsin offers a marvelous biography of the Prophet Muhammad (s), one that highlights the spiritual and ethical teachings of the world's most influential person in human history, 'who was supremely successful on both the secular and religious level'.

In this thoughtful and engaging biography, Mohsin offers Muslims a new understanding of Muhammad's life and he introduces non-Muslims not just to story of the Prophet, but to the spiritual and ethical riches of Islam.